The Alcohol & Mental Health Connection in Teens

Father and son in car, son with headphones on ignoring dad

Underage Alcohol Use is Tied to More Than Academic and Social Problems for Youth.

Teens may turn to alcohol to help them manage difficult feelings or high stress levels. However, adolescent brains are still developing, and drinking alcohol underage can quickly have problematic results.

Simply put, alcohol use is riskier for teens. When adults drink, they tend to become more subdued and slower, but it’s quite the opposite in adolescents. Teens can become energetic and then engage in more risky behavior. Behaviors that come as a result of poor-decision making, that they may not have otherwise engaged in without alcohol.

Teens with depression, anxiety, or ADHD are at particular risk. Youth struggling with depression can see an increase in suicidal thoughts and youth living with ADHD can increase impulsive behaviors because of drinking alcohol.

Take time to talk with your children about not drinking alcohol underage and the consequences in your home if they are caught. Their mental health depends on it.

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Talking to Your Kids

Starting the Discussion About Drug and Alcohol Use with Your Kids

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