Join Us for National Take Down Tobacco Day on March 31st

Take Down Tobacco Day March 31st

Get Involved in National Take Down Tobacco Day with Teens and Advocates Across the Nation

During Take Down Tobacco Day young people rally across the U.S. with advocates to call out Tobacco Companies for target marketing to kids with flavored tobacco products like e-cigarettes and menthol cigarettes, and to urge elected officials to take action to protect kids.

The annual tobacco industry marketing expenditures nationwide is $9.1 billion

The estimated portion spent for Illinois marketing each year is $220.7 million.

Published research studies have found that kids are twice as sensitive to tobacco advertising as adults and are more likely to be influenced to smoke by cigarette marketing than by peer pressure. One-third of underage experimentation with smoking is attributable to tobacco company advertising.

Learn how you can stand up and speak out against the tobacco industry with the following resources:

The Toll of Tobacco in Illinois

Get Involved or Donate at:

Talking to Your Kids

Starting the Discussion About Drug and Alcohol Use with Your Kids

Parents face a tough dilemma about substance use: we may want our children to abstain from alcohol and drug use but what do we do if they are not? Besides the effects of substance use on the developing brain, teens using substances may face very serious consequences.

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