Parenting: The Name of the Game

Black teen and father in good conversation with text: Keep Showing up, They're still growing up

We know teens often think they’re in charge. But parents get to make the rules, and you are still your teen’s first role model.

Making sure they know family rules, including not drinking alcohol underage, is as fundamental as the ABCs and 123s. As your teen develops, update your family rules accordingly. You may encounter some resistance, but that doesn’t mean you must change the rules.

Get comfortable with the facts to give your teen a consistent no-use message. These conversations can be challenging, but keeping your children safe takes work and consistency.

There are many reasons to avoid alcohol. Maybe there’s a family history of alcohol use disorder, or you want them to keep a good reputation. Whatever it is, there are facts to support you.

  • Your values and beliefs inform their decision-making at this age.
  • Knowing their parents disapprove of underage drinking is a key deterrent for teens and pre-teens, whether they admit it or not.
  • Check-in with your teens after they’ve been out, using your parental instincts to check for anything amiss.

Keep Showing Up, They’re Still Growing Up.

Talking to Your Kids

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