Own Your Choice Not To Drink Alcohol

Not Missing the Moment

Did you know that most Illinois high schoolers don’t think underage drinking is cool? Most teens also don’t drink alcohol.

Deciding not to drink is something to be proud of! It’s a choice you won’t regret, and it helps keep your developing brain and body healthy.

If you’ve already tried drinking, it’s not too late to make different choices that set you up for success. If you or someone you know is struggling with using alcohol, find a trusted adult to talk with – like a parent, guidance counselor, or coach.


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Make the Healthy Choice and Live Your Moments Alcohol-Free.

Make sure your child knows you have their back and support their choice NOT to drink alcohol underage.

Source: 2018 Youth Survey

Talking to Your Kids

Starting the Discussion About Drug and Alcohol Use with Your Kids

Parents face a tough dilemma about substance use: we may want our children to abstain from alcohol and drug use but what do we do if they are not? Besides the effects of substance use on the developing brain, teens using substances may face very serious consequences.

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