Most Illinois High Schoolers Think Underage Drinking Is Wrong

Keep showing up, They're still growing up

While Everyone May Have Their Own Reason For Thinking Underage drinking is wrong. Most teens agree that underage Drinking Isn’t the right move.

Here are just a few of the risks that make it wrong:

  • Drinking under the age of 21 is illegal and could mean legal consequences.
  • Drinking underage puts your developing brain at extreme risk for short and long-term damage.
  • Drinking underage increases the risk of suicide and homicide.

Make the Healthy Choice and Live Your Moments Alcohol-Free.

Make sure your child knows you have their back and support their choice NOT to drink alcohol underage.

Talking to Your Kids

Starting the Discussion About Drug and Alcohol Use with Your Kids

Parents face a tough dilemma about substance use: we may want our children to abstain from alcohol and drug use but what do we do if they are not? Besides the effects of substance use on the developing brain, teens using substances may face very serious consequences.

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They’re Still Growing Up

Whether they admit it or not, your teen still needs you. They look up to you for guidance even when you least expect it, looking for support and reassurance. Children and teems thrive in an environment with safe boundaries, so show them you’ve got their back:

Your teens may feel relief that you support them in staying alcohol-free. It gives them license to use it as their reason to refuse a drink if offered.

Assist them in finding alternative activities when they don’t want to join their friend group for whatever reason.

When your teen comes home from being with friends, greet them when they arrive home. A hug and “good night” let them know you care about what they were up to while out that night.

They’re still growing up.