MOMENTS to be in control

Happy Teen kids walking and laughing together with text: Moments to be in control

Keep your cool by choosing not to drink.

Alcohol impairs the part of the brain responsible for self-control. It dulls the brain signal that warns people they are making a mistake. Those drinking may know they’re making a bad choice, but alcohol causes them to care less about it. That helps explain why drinking is connected to risky behavior like impaired driving, fighting, and skipping school.

Stay in control by staying away from alcohol. You have what it takes to make great choices.

Inspiring teens:

Greta Thurnburg:
named Person of the Year by Time Magazine for her climate change activism.

Jaylen Arnold:
started his own nonprofit that educates children across the U.S. about preventing bullying.

Marley Dias:
launched the #1000BlackGirlsBooks Twitter campaign to collect and donate books to help Black girls feel seen in children’s books. Source:

Other Steps to Succeed

  • Write down your goals.
  • Look to a role model for inspiration.
  • Keep going, even when you face setbacks.