Help Your Teen See the Harmful Impact of Underage Drinking on Their Goals

They’re still growing up.

Your teen still needs you to champion their dreams. You can do this by sharing how underage drinking can affect their brain’s ability to think clearly and accomplish their goals.

How can you help your teen see the harmful impact of underage drinking on their goals?

Watch your delivery:

When sharing the risks of alcohol with your child, the tone of your voice and the way you frame your message matters. Try to keep an encouraging tone, and keep the conversation positive.

Focus on the facts:

Avoid opinions. Instead, find research that backs the risks of underage drinking, like how it can harm the developing brain.

Make the connection:

Consider making a plan with your teen so they can see the steps they need to take to reach their dreams. Then talk about the impact alcohol could have on that plan.

Your teen’s goals are real, but so are the risks of underage drinking. Help your child believe both.

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