Help Your Goals Become A Reality by Not Underage Drinking!

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You’ve put a lot of time and work into school. Think about how many years you’ve spent in a classroom and how much you’ve learned since your first class.

Underage drinking increases your chances of skipping class, dropping out, or being expelled.

Whether school is your favorite thing or not, graduating is important. You likely will need your diploma for your next steps after high school.

Besides being important, education is helpful. Did you know graduating from high school increases your job opportunities and lifelong income? It also opens the door to better living conditions, healthier foods, and healthcare services.


  • For every year of high school that a student completes, their lifetime wealth increases by 15%.
  • Thirty years ago, America had the highest percentage of high school diplomas, but now we’re ranked 36th in the world.
  • In the workplace, 85% of current jobs and 90% of new jobs require some or more college or postsecondary education.


Talking to Your Kids

Starting the Discussion About Drug and Alcohol Use with Your Kids

Parents face a tough dilemma about substance use: we may want our children to abstain from alcohol and drug use but what do we do if they are not? Besides the effects of substance use on the developing brain, teens using substances may face very serious consequences.

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