Having A Talk With Your Child About Not Using Alcohol

Keep Showing Up. They're still growing up

HAVING A “TALK” with a child can seem like a big task. That’s why it’s important to talk with them about not using alcohol underage before it becomes a big event.

Try not to make the topic bigger in your mind than it is, whether you plan on a one-on-one conversation or a family discussion. No way is wrong.

Your child should know you do not approve of them drinking alcohol underage and if they did drink, they would likely be caught. Setting rules for your family is just one way you take care of them every day.

Rules to think about:

  • No drinking alcohol until age 21.
  • Do not stay at teen parties where alcohol is present.
  • When they arrive home from being out with friends, let them know you want a hug and hello before they head to their rooms.
  • Older siblings do not encourage younger ones to drink and do not provide alcohol to anyone – including family.
  • Do not ride in a car with a driver (of any age!) who has been drinking.

Make the Healthy Choice and Live Your Moments Alcohol-Free.

Make sure your child knows you have their back and support their choice NOT to drink alcohol underage.

Source: https://bit.ly/3MSQ5aZ

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