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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Approved March 26, 2019

Members Present: Kathleen Burke (#11), Tim Cramer (#12), Ed Hayes (#7), Chuck Mascolino (#7), Cherry Powell (#12), John Randich, Jr. (#5), Donna Swanson (#7), Anastasia Tuskey (#11), Denise Zielinski (#11), Loren Yaksich (#9), Terry Lemming (#7), Tara Powell (#5) [on phone], Linda Weatherspoon (#8), Joe Maso ((#12), Dr. William McCarty (#12), Betsy Cozzie (#10), Eloise Billups (#13), Jamila Stepney (#2), Jordan Stepney (#1), Wardie Sain (#6), Sheree Stilwell (unknown sector #).

I. Welcome/Introductions
The February 26, 2019 meeting of the Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition was called to order by Anastasia Tuskey at 4:37 pm. Introductions were made.

II. Approval of the January 2019 Minutes
President Anastasia Tuskey asked for approval of the January minutes. Motion made by Cherry Powell and seconded by Chuck Mascolino to approve the minutes. Motion approved.

III. Officer Reports
a. President – President Tuskey attended the CADCA Leadership Forum training with Donna Swanson in Washington, DC. She enjoyed the opportunity to attend positive breakout sessions. Ms. Tuskey stated that she is very excited about what she learned and eager to use that knowledge. She was pleased with the networking aspect of the event and shared some of the many ideas she had gotten.
Lockport Police Chief Terry Lemming updated the group on the status of the bill on the legalization of marijuana. All say that the bill is going to pass; the sticking points have to do with where is the revenue going and about the number of plants that can be grown in a home. Law enforcement officials want the home grown part of the bill removed because regulation would be difficult. Donna mentioned that the DuPage PLT Coalition released a position statement on this topic and asked if the Coalition should make a position statement. No concensus reached until Donna sends the position statement out for review and input.
b. Vice President – Vice President Tim Cramer pointed out the new Guard and Discard promotional materials and encouraged attendees to take the posters and fliers back to their organizations for distribution. He pointed out that April 27 is the National Substance Abuse Coalition’s Take Back the Night. There is an event from 10am-2pm.
c. Treasurer – Treasurer Loren Yaksich presented the financial reports for January and February. A question about the charge for the HIPPS Trailer was explained. The United Way—Will County will reimburse the Coalition for that charge and move it to the correct line item in their accounting. As of February 21, 2019, the Coalition has a balance of $41,852. Motion made by Joe Maso and seconded by Linda Weatherspoon to approve the both reports. Motion approved.
d. Secretary – No report.

IV. Coalition Responsibility
a. YAC Update – Vice President Tim Cramer reported on the activities of the Youth Advisory Committee. He stated that there were not enough acts and so the talent show was cancelled. The youth participants will be taped and then shown on the Joliet local cable access channel. The YAC created the slogan for the postcard campaign this spring: Healthy Choices, Positive Change – Think, Don’t Drink. Three of the YAC members were part of the radio PSA on the dangers of vaping along with Sheriff Kelley. Donna Swanson shared the clip and explained that

*Coalition Categories: 1 Youth, 2 Parent, 3 Business, 4 Media, 5 School, 6 Youth-Serving Organizations, 7 Law Enforcement, 8 Faith-Based
Organizations, 9 Civic/Volunteer Groups, 10 Health Care, 11 Local Govt, 12 Other Organizations

the PSA will be used for two weeks in February and again in March. Youth Jordan Stepney shared what it was like to audiotape his part of the PSA. Tim, Linda Weatherspoon and Candace Gunby gave a presentation about YAC to 7-8 students at Joliet Job Corps.
b. DFC Update – Coordinator Donna Swanson introduced Dr. McCarty, our grant evaluator consultant. Donna stated that she submitted the proposal for year 2 grant funding and our first year 1 progress report. She shared that they found an open source accounting software package to use to keep track of the grant income and expenses. Donna will be providing a 6-month accounting report to the Coalition in March and every month thereafter.
c. Evaluation -- Dr. McCarty stated that he was there to observe and talk with Coalition members. He said that it is important to discuss the processes being used and he is more than willing to assist us with data collection and surveys. Qualitative and quantitative data are equally important.

V. Committee/Action Team Reports
a. Communication, Marketing & Membership – Donna reviewed some statistics provided by Sam Castro: 91 Facebook engagements, 51 following us on Instagram, and 10 on our SnapChat account. Donna is also an administrator on the Facebook account now. Sam also requested that the Coalition members link their accounts to the Coalition social media accounts to gain a wider social media voice. Sam wants to meet with YAC to talk more about using SnapChat and Instagram.
b. Education & Resources
i. Schools – John Randich informed the group that the WakeUpCall presentation was cancelled due to the extreme cold and re-scheduled for April 11. He told us that they had almost 300 registered! Cherry Powell introduced two new sector members representing academic education (University) and a youth serving organization.
ii. Faith-Based Organizations – Linda Weatherspoon reported on faith-based activities. She stated that she has 35 contacts and 8 new Coalition members. She had one church host a NARCAN training and others that would like to hold presentations, including Mount Carmel. They would like to have a presentation in English and Spanish. She conveyed the request for Coalition representation at a Women’s Conference to be held at
Bicentennial Park on March 30.
c. Outreach & Programming
i. Substance Abuse – There was a discussion regarding substance abuse training after questions were raised regarding Coalition provided training and training provided by Dr. Kathleen Burke through her grant program. All programs offered under the auspices of and/or in conjunction with WCSAPC must have a written proposal submitted and approval granted by the Coalition at the beginning stages of planning the event. Coalition training events should not include training on the use of NARCAN unless approved by Dr. Burke in advance due to the stipulations required by her grant funding.
Dr. Burke submitted a report on Opioids to the Coalition:
ses: 85

ii. Healthcare – Betsy Cozzie reported on the FDA’s The Real Cost Campaign regarding e- cigarettes. Posters for bathroom stalls were sent to 16 high school districts in the area. The Will Co. Health Department will be following up to see if schools in the area received them and inquiring as to whether they have enough of them for their schools. For more information on the campaign: ns/TheRealCostCampaign/default.htm#SmokelessTobaccoPrevention
For free printed items, including posters and flyers, to order and download:
For free web content, including images, infographics, and games, to place on websites:

VI. Key Topics
a. Sticker Shock/Postcard/Compliance Campaign – Donna shared that this is a 3-pronged campaign with compliance checks for alcohol and tobacco at retail establishments, placement of stickers on liquor bottles in stores, and postcards distributed to local restaurants for inclusion with their deliveries and to-go orders. (Think stapled to pizza boxes, for example) This will take place during the month of April.
b. After-prom Awareness Support Event – This is considered a great idea but we are too late in the school year for this year. This is tabled until school starts in September and we can approach this for Prom 2020.
c. Kaizen Survey – Sam Castro will be conducting the Kaizen Survey at our March meeting, an approach to creating continuous improvement with Coalition knowledge & strengths based on the idea that small, ongoing positive changes can reap major improvements.
d. Forum Update – The Lockport Community Event is tentatively scheduled for August 19. After some discussion, the group agreed that the Coalition would offer ONLY if the school will mandate student attendance at the event. If they want to only recommend that students attend, then we won’t offer the event. This decision is based on past event attendance.

VII. Old Business
a. Wake-up Call Event – John Randich reported that the event that was cancelled from January due to the extreme cold has been rescheduled to April 11, 2019 at Joliet West High School from 5-8 pm.
b. Faith-based Narcan Training Success – Linda Weatherspoon reported on the successful training event held for people in the faith-based community.

VIII. New Business
a. Draft Amended Bylaws – Anastasia shared an update on the Coalition Bylaws.
b. Position Statement on the Legalization of Marijuana – Donna shared a hard copy of the statement developed by the DuPage Coalition. She asked if we wanted to approve such a statement. She will send out the document and provide a Doodle Poll for voting prior to the next meeting.

IX. Narcan Training for Coalition Members
Dr. Kathleen Burke will be offering Narcan Training to the members of the Coalition prior to the next meeting. If interested in being trained, please let her know. The training will be held immediately preceding the Coalition meeting on Tuesday, March 26, from 3:30-4:30 pm. All members are welcome to attend.

X. Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Coalition will be held on Tuesday, March 26 @ 4:30 pm at the Will County Sheriff’s Office, Public Safety Complex, 16911 W. Laraway Road, Joliet, IL 60433.

XI. Adjournment
Cherry Powell moved and Loren Yaksich seconded that the meeting be adjourned. Motion approved. The meeting was adjourned at 6:12 pm.

Minutes submitted by Denise Zielinski