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Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition Meeting Minutes

July 25th, 2017

Members Present: Shann McDowell (#5), Phil Atteberry (#3), Anna Miller(#6), Bonnie McPhillips (#7), Tara Powell (#5), Anastasia Tuskey (#11), Veda Gavin (#9), Sam Castro (#11), Marcia Vannatta (#11), Linda Weatherspoon (#8), Victoria Green (#2 ), (#7), Cherry Powell (#12), Bobby Autman (#12), Mike Kelley (#7), Ester Holiday (#8), Loren Yaksich (#11), Jacklyn Overmeiren (#7), Trayven Evans (#1), Kelsey Reid (#7), Elizabeth Reyna (#7), Regina Summely (#2), Joshua Edmon (#8), Jayme Casimere (#4)

I. Introductions

II. Review of June Minutes. Approval of June Minutes

III. Officers Reports:

  1. President: Anastasia Tuskey –No report.
  2. Vice President: Marcia VanNatta – No report.
  3. Treasurer: Veda Gavin – The financial report was submitted and reviewed by the group. The report was voted on, and approved. The group is anxious to hear if the DFC grant is awarded to the Coalition.
  4. Secretary: Bonnie McPhillips- Presented the June minutes which were approved.

IV. Hidden in Plain Sight (HIPS) trailer – The trailer is up and ready to go and employees of the Will County Sheriff’s Office have been trained to present the trailer at requested functions. Two volunteers have also been trained. There was a request that an automated response be generated when someone submits an application for the trailer use. This request will be passed on to the Will County Sheriff’s Office IT division. Cherry stated there are plenty of social hosting brochures that were developed that can be used and handed out at the trailer for parents. Jayme Cain suggested the trailer for the Back to School Blast the 12th of August at Nowell Park. Jayme was directed to the Sheriff’s office website to make that request.

V. Coalition Responsibility:

  1. IYS: Illinois Youth Survey Entire Survey Present at the meeting for review. The 2014 results are at the meeting as the 2016 results are not in yet. Those results are expected sometime in August.
  2. Fall Conference: Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 at Joliet West High School Auditorium from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.: Note that the location has been changed from the Field House to the Auditorium due to acoustics issues. The committee needs to meet and decide on time line for the event. It will be a panel event with pre-determined questions as well as a question and answer session. A reminder the event will be FREE. Sam Castro will send out the final flyer for the event with in the next week. Sheriff Kelley stated that he spoke with Chief Benton of the Joliet Police Department and he agreed to donate the Joliet Police security for the event as security is required by the school district. Diane Devries agreed that the radio stations of WJOL, WERV, WSSR, and WRXQ, all the Alpha Media stations, will put on an announcement of the event for 2-3 weeks prior to the event. The Joliet Slammers have also agreed to display the event information on their Jumbo-tron for the remainder of their games. Jayme Cain is the contact person with the Slammers. An additional speaker, Tom Thayer of the Chicago Bulls has also agreed to be on the speaker panel. Cherry stated the only speaker requesting payment for the event is Dianna Feeney. The group voted and approved to pay Dianna Feeney $300 for her time at the event. Bonnie McPhillips reviewed the process with the County to become a vendor and that Dianna will need to become a vendor with the County and submit an invoice in order to be paid.

VI. Sub-Committee Reports:

  1. Education: Suni Leal and Bobby Autman: No report.
  2. Event/Outreach: No report.
  3. Fundraising Committee Needed: Mike Hennessey and Shann McDowell to meet and report on their progress next month.
  4. Communications/Website Committee: Samantha Castro and Steve Caruso continue to forge ahead with all the social media. The website is ready to roll out within one week of the grant award notification. Samantha discussed a liability waiver so that the Coalition can post personal stories to their site. Phil Atteberry agreed to forward Samantha the waiver that his agency uses in order to make it specific to the Coalition. Samantha also requested that the group forward her signs and symptoms flyers and local resources for her to be able to post on the website for the community and parents. Samantha will continue to work on adding the agencies of the coalition to the website along with a picture or logo for each agency. Sam made another request that all the agencies forward her their pictures and/or their agency LOGO. The Facebook page is up and Samantha encouraged participants to like and share the page. Samantha states that Facebook is doing well and getting quite a bit of activity, including messages from the community.
  5. Action Plan Committee: Bobby Autman, Minister Joshua Edmon, Officer Ed Johnson, and Marvin Evans agreed to meet and review the Action Plan. This committee still needs to meet and review the action plan.
  6. Faith Based Committee: No report.

VII. Next Steps:

  1. Questions need to be developed for speakers- Cherry Powell and Alando Tucker
  2. Contact Dianna Feeney and have her develop some “quick points” for each substance to add into questions of other speakers. Cherry Powell
  3. Time line /Agenda needs to be determined for event - Cherry Powell-Bonnie McPhillips
  4. PSA’s and Press Release need to be finished – Cherry Powell and Diane DeVries
  5. Sign-up sheet sent out to the membership for volunteer positions for the event – Cherry Powell.
  6. Tour of event location to determine needs Cherry Powell and Bonnie McPhillips
  7. Anastasia Tuskey to brochure by the next meeting so that it may be printed for the event for attendees.
  8. Request to HIPS trailer IT contact to add automated response for trailer requests – Bonnie McPhillips
  9. Samantha Castro continue to work on website and media for Coalition as well as send out the final event flyer to the membership.
  10. Fundraising committee to meet and present some ideas to the group for fundraising.
  11. Faith Based Committee to meet and report back to group.
  12. Outreach Committee to meet and report back to group.
  13. Action Plan Committee to meet to review action plan and report back to group.

VIII. Next Meeting Tuesday August 22nd, 2017 @ 4:30 p.m.

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 22nd @ 4:30 p.m at the Sheriff’s Office Bank Building at 25 North Ottawa Street Joliet, IL. The meeting will be held on the Second Floor in the Classroom. You can park on either side of Ottawa Street right in from of the Bank building entrance, on Jefferson Street on the north side of the building, or on Washington Street just south of the bank building. This parking is all metered parking, but Joliet only runs the meters until 5 p.m. You may also park in the lot behind the “bank” with the entrance on Washington Street. Note: There is plenty of close parking at this time of the day.