will county substance abuse prevention coalition

Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (WCSAPC)

March 22, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Approved: April 26, 2022

Members Present: 

In-Person: Diane DeVries (4), Courtney Garfield (7), Brittany Gruver (7), Chief Dan Jungles (7), Bonnie McPhillips (7), Sgt. Robert Platos (7), Sheree Stilwell (8), Loren Yaksich (12)

Zoom: Gloria Bloodsaw (12), Donnie Chestnutt (6), Brian Conser (7), Betsy Cozzie (10), Tim Cramer (12), Caitlin Daly (10), Jen Hahs (12), Debbie Henning (7), Dan Martin (12), William McCarty (13), Kristen Schroder (5)

  1. Call to Order/Welcome

Caitlin Daly called the March 2022 meeting of the Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition to order at 4:35PM.

  1. Pledge of Allegiance

Caitlin Daly led the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • Introductions

Coalition President Caitlin Daly welcomed members and introductions were made on Zoom and in-person.

  1. Officer Reports
    1. Treasurer – Treasurer’s report was sent prior to meeting for Coalition to review; treasurer Loren Yaksich reported no other changes. A motion was made by Deputy Chief Dan Jungles and seconded by Debbie Henning to approve the report. Motion approved.
    2. Secretary – Courtney Garfield asked for approval of the February minutes. A motion was made to approve the minutes by Sheree Stilwell and seconded by Loren Yaksich. Motion approved.
  2. WCSAPC Requirements

DFC Grant Report

Progress report was submitted by Coalition Coordinator, Courtney Garfield, and recently received notification that report was approved! Courtney is currently working on DFC Annual Performance Review which is due April 5th.

  1. Subcommittee/Action Team Reports
    1. Alcohol: Brittany Gruver reported that alcohol subcommittee meeting continues to meet from 4:00-4:30PM before the Coalition meeting on a monthly basis. Brittany reported that alcohol and nicotine compliance checks will be completed soon and discussed ways to engage retailers who both pass and do not pass the compliance checks.
    2. Marijuana—Sgt. Robert Platos reported that the marijuana subcommittee did not meet this month.
    3. Nicotine – Caitlin Daly reports that nicotine committee met on Thursday, March 17th, and discussed materials to send to retailers. Next nicotine committee is on April 21st, from 1:30-2:00PM.
    4. Social Media—Courtney Garfield reported that Jackie VanOvermeiren will be posting on the Coalition Facebook page daily for National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week. The Coalition Facebook page has 1,161 followers with 13 being new followers. The Coalition Instagram page has 298 followers with 13 followers being new.
    5. CARE Team—Sgt. Platos reported that there has not been any requests for the HIPS trailer as of yet.
    6. Illinois Youth Survey (IYS): Tim Cramer reported that all four junior high schools in Joliet have signed up to participate in the IYS and has been trying to reach out to the high schools in Joliet to enlist their participation.
  • Sector Reports & Sharing:
    1. Business in the Community: Nothing new to report
    2. Civic Volunteer Groups: Nothing new to report
    3. College or University: OPEN and working on outreach
    4. Faith-Based, Religious or Fraternal Organizations: Sheree Stilwell reported that her colleague attended the resource fair at a Plainfield High School on March 10th and she is scheduled to attend the resource fair for Troy School District on April 23rd.
    5. Healthcare Professionals: Nothing new to report
    6. Law Enforcement Agency: Officer Debbie Henning from Lockport PD reports that she is teaching numerous classes of Too Good For Drugs and Lockport continues to see issues with selling tobacco to minors.
    7. Media: Diane DeVries presented the Snapchat campaign and group reviewed campaigns which are scheduled to start next Friday.
    8. Organizations Focusing on Substance Abuse: Tim Cramer reported that 4/30 is National Drug Takeback and 5/8-5/14 is National Prevention Week and Chestnut will have a table at the Joliet Slammers Game. Further information will be provided at the next Coalition meeting if anyone is interested in joining.
    9. Parents: Undersheriff Brian Conser shared Vice President, Peter Conser’s assignment he wrote about the important work of the Coalition.
    10. Schools: Principal Kristen Schroeder at Hadley Middle School reported that there has been increased destruction in bathrooms and on the buses at school. They have also seen a significant decrease in COVID quarantines! WCSO recently finished Too Good for Drugs and will be completing Too Good For Drugs in 5th, 6th, and 7th grade next year.
    11. State or Local Government Agencies: Nothing to report- Dr. Burke not present.
    12. Youth: Nothing new to report
    13. Youth Serving Organizations: Donnie Chestnutt reported that the Greater Joliet YMCA will be taking youth on college tours and provided information of where youth can sign up for college tour opportunity. Discussed other opportunities available in the community for youth.
  • Old Business
    1. Nothing to report


  1. New Business & Announcements
    1. Gloria Bloodsaw reported that Gateway is having an “Illumination Wellness” event on May 26th virtually where individuals can bid on silent auction items. Gateway is also facilitating groups in person.
    2. Jen Hahs reports that the New Lenox Safe Communities Coalition is hosting a Household Substance Poisoning educational opportunity via Zoom on March 28th from 7-8PM.
    3. Donnie Chestnutt discussed her appointment to the Local Advisory Council which is a 250 million dollar grant which aims to address and reduce gun violence
    4. Bonnie McPhillips advised Coalition that the CADCA Mid-Year Conference is in Orlando in July and to e-mail Courtney Garfield if anyone has interest in attending the conference
    5. Ashleigh from Your Choice Prevention will be presenting on vaping prior to the general meeting next month for approximately 20-25 minutes. This meeting is open to anyone that is interested!
  2. Adjournment

Bonnie McPhillips moved and Diane DeVries seconded that the meeting be adjourned. Motion approved. The meeting was adjourned at 5:30PM.

Next Meetings

  • Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition – April 26, 2022 at 4:30 p.m. at the Will County Safety Complex 16911 W. Laraway Road Joliet, IL 60433 and via Zoom
    1. Alcohol Subcommittee Meeting—April 26, 2022 at 4:00PM
    2. Nicotine Subcommittee Meeting- April 21, 2022 from 1:30-2:00PM

Minutes submitted by Brittany Gruver