will county substance abuse prevention coalition

Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (WCSAPC)

Main Meeting – October 2021

October 26, 2021


In-Person and Zoom Meeting

Approved (with updated changes): December 28, 2021

Members Present

In-Person: Diane DeVries (4), Courtney Garfield (7), Brittany Gruver (7), Chief Dan Jungles (7), Bonnie McPhillips (7), Tracey Papesh (12), Robert Platos (7), Sheree Stilwell (8)

Zoom: Aishwarya Balakrishna (10), Gloria Bloodsaw (12), Kathleen Burke (11), Sam Castro (11), Betsy Cozzie (10), Caitlin Daly (10), Jan Dombrowski (12), Jennifer Hahs (12), Dan Hamilton (10), Dan Martin (12), Dr. William McCarty (13), Loren Yaksich (12)

Call to Order/Welcome

Start: 4:34PM

Pledge of Allegiance

Introductions (Name & Organization) 

Welcome to any first-time attendees & Introducing our new board members

  • Recording of meetings going forward – for notes and for sharing with public
  • Recording for the notes for this time, will revote next time for sharing with the public
  • New Attendees: Jan Dombrowski


  • Treasurer – Loren Yaksich Financial Report approved
    • Amount: $38,933
  • Secretary – Aishwarya Balakrishna approved September meeting minutes

WCSAPC Requirements:

  • DFC Grant Report
    • Courtney working with Dr. McCarty to make minor changes to grant application
    • $125,000 in match + work – send hours to Courtney to make sure we meet coalition in kind work hours
    • CADCA – Courtney and Sheree are going for now
      • WCHD Tobacco Team is looking to participate in Coalition Ideas Fair – HIPS trailer is a unique and innovative approach to community health education to present
      • Proposal application needs to be filled out – deadline is this Friday (10/29) and we will be notified by 11/15  Great opportunity for coalition exposure and collaboration
      • Reach out to Jackie (Caitlin)
      • Could do survey and could do some giveaways with giveaway bags for audience at the fair

Subcommittee/Action Team Reports

  • Alcohol – Brittany Gruver
    • Met today – talked about Snapchat and PSA
    • Talked to Sergeant Platos about diversion program plan
  • Marijuana – Sgt. Robert Platos
    • Move forward with initial goals – parent resource distribution, HIPS trailer, measuring success, and clings to dispensaries
    • Look into CBD places – very little regulation in these places
  • Nicotine – Caitlin Daly
    • Met on 10/21 – Joliet West High School parent presentation on 11/17
    • Survey for parents for feedback on perceptions and attitudes
    • QR codes for survey might be made
    • Contact at JWHS can send out survey link to parents to get data on parent perceptions
    • Materials will be in Spanish as well
    • Mailer campaign – after holidays
    • Ideas for media campaign will be discussed in next meetings
    • Meets again 11/18 at 1:30PM
  • Social Media – Jackie VanOvermeiren
    • Facebook – 7 new likes
    • Instagram – 262 followers
  • Care Team Updates – Sgt. Robert Platos
    • Deployed 4 times with trailer
    • Last Saturday at Joliet Family Fun Fest
    • Going very well with trailer – good response from community
    • Working out issues with electronic surveys – will be translated as well (Courtney)
    • Trailer will be at Joliet West presentation
  • Illinois Youth Survey (IYS) Update – Dr. WiIliam McCarty
    • Subcommittee update reports
    • Trying to get more buy in from schools for 2022
    • Now is the time to advocate for schools filling this out and showing benefits of participating (now until January is time to lobby in time for data collection in March and later)  more than just substance abuse data 

Sector Reports & Sharing: 

  • Business in the Community: Brian Delli
    • Thank you to HIPS trailer at Joliet Fun Fest
    • Invite to Oct 28 event
  • Civic Volunteer Groups: United Way of Will County
    • Christmas requests coming in from clients
    • Coalition adopting a family??? 😊
  • College or University: OPEN
    • Reach out to JJC and GSU (Addiction Studies programs) to establish partnerships
  • Faith-Based, Religious or Fraternal Organizations: Sheree Stilwell
    • Still serving
    • Sheree staffed recent event (Hero Helps)
  • Healthcare Professionals: Jen Hahs
    • IYS – push this survey  the results are used to determine needs of the community for community agencies, much more than substance abuse data
      • IYS data is key to improve youth centered issues in Will County and improve social determinants
    • Francis has a great Addiction Studies program
    • Silver Oaks – all units up and running
      • Men, Women, Adolescent, Adults with needs
    • Gateway IOP
    • Linden Oaks (Mokena) – Offering new program
    • Rosecrance Frankfort – in-person program
    • Narcan training coming up
  • Law Enforcement Agency: Lockport PD
    • No person present
  • Media: Diane DeVries
    • Media campaign approved for fiscal year
    • Radio Ad launching 11/8/21  parents talking to teens about smoking, vaping, and substance use
    • Snapchat campaign starts 4/1/22  start brainstorming now
  • Organizations Focusing in Substance Abuse: Tim Cramer
    • No updates
  • Parents: Undersheriff Brian Conser
    • No updates
  • Schools: OPEN
    • Still working on securing representative – Courtney and Brittany are working on this
  • State or Local Government Agencies: Kathleen Burke
    • Burke has connections with GSU Addiction Studies program
    • Very successful HERO Helps event  150 people!
      • Great resource table
      • Very thoughtful memorial tent
      • Speakers were well received  from several prominent organizations
      • Panel that demonstrated collaboration among Will County – Nicole Garrett, Connie Dewall, Shawn West
      • Narcan training was included
        • 48 people attended and 48 boxes of Narcan were given out
        • Over 6,000 boxes of Narcan distributed by Rapid Response program since inception
      • Narcan use  Now, it can take more than two doses of it to get someone out of an overdose due to Fentanyl crisis
        • Harm reduction strategy – education and distribution of Narcan needs to be widespread
        • We must be giving out several doses to people due to this crisis
        • Many under 18 years are overdosing
        • Burke has connections with GSU Addiction Studies program
        • Need to get information into schools – toolkit
        • Brittany and Courtney’s Response to Dr. Burke
          • Brittany and Courtney are in talks to get into schools to get more information out on overdosing and Narcan (Joliet, Lockport, etc.)
          • Idea was brought up to reach out to Illinois School Counselors Association for more outreach
          • We want to pilot program at some schools that we already have relationships with
        • Youth: Peter Conser
          • No updates
        • Youth Servicing Organizations: YMCA/Katy LeClair & Donnie Chestnutt
          • No updates

Note:  Please limit any individual sector reporting to 10 minutes.

Old Business

Too Good for Drugs – Courtney Garfield

  • Homer Glen (middle schools) – 7 people trained right now to teach
    • Going well!!
    • 6th graders are the current focus

New Business

Upcoming Events

  • Parent Education Event 11/17/21 – Joliet West High School


  • Meetings are 4th Tuesday of month not last Tuesday


End: 5:28PM

Next Meeting:   November 23rd, 2021 at 4:30 p.m. IN-Person/VIA ZOOM

Drug-Free Communities Definition of a Coalition:

A community-based formal arrangement for cooperation and collaboration among groups or sectors of a community in which each group retains its identity, but all agree to work together toward a common goal of building a safe, healthy, and drug-free community.