will county substance abuse prevention coalition

Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (WCSAPC)
November 29, 2021 Meeting Minutes
Approved: December 28, 2021

Members Present:
In-Person: Sgt. Robert Platos (7), Courtney Garfield (7), Brittany Gruver (7), Chuck Mascolino (7), Dr. William McCarty (13)
Zoom: Gloria Bloodsaw (12), Sam Castro (11), Diane DeVries (4), Jennifer Hahs (12), Dan Hamilton (10), Dan Martin (12), Caitlin Daly (10), Sheree Stilwell (8), Kathleen Burke (11), Jan Dombrowski (12)

I. Call to Order/Welcome
Caitlin Daly called the November 2021 meeting of the Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition to order at 4:34PM.

II. Pledge of Allegiance
Caitlin Daly led the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

III. Introductions
Coalition President Caitlin Daly welcomed members and introductions were made on Zoom and in-person.

IV. Officer Reports
a. Treasurer – Treasurer was not able to attend this meeting but Courtney Garfield reported that treasurer’s report was sent to the group prior to meeting for approval. A motion was made by Sam Castro and seconded by Caitlin Daly to approve the report. Motion approved.
b. Secretary – Courtney Garfield asked for approval of the October minutes. A motion was made to approve the minutes, however, Kathleen Burke denied approval of the minutes and would like her report modified. Modifications will be sent to Courtney Garfield.

V. WCSAPC Requirements
DFC Grant Report
Courtney Garfield, Coalition Coordinator, is waiting on approval of the grant report. The CADCA conference will be held in National Harbor at the end of January. At this time, Courtney Garfield, Aishwarya Balakrishna, Caitlin Daly, and Sheree Stilwell are all confirmed to attend. Last call for anyone else who would like to attend!

VI. Subcommittee/Action Team Reports
a. Alcohol: Brittany Gruver reported that alcohol subcommittee meeting continues to meet from 4:00-4:30PM before the Coalition meeting on a monthly basis and are brainstorming ways to engage parents, including developing a diversion program with the Marijuana subcommittee.

b. Marijuana—Sgt. Robert Platos reported that the marijuana subcommittee met before the coalition meeting and reviewed the goals that were set forth by Chief Terry Lemming. Sgt. Platos spoke about development of dispute resolution program.

c. Nicotine – Caitlin Daly reported that they gave a presentation at Joliet West in the beginning of November to approximately 12 people. The next nicotine committee meeting is at 1:30-2:30PM on December 16th.

d. Social Media— No new reports.

e. CARE Team—Sgt. Platos reported that they attended the presentation at Joliet West and will be winterizing the trailer very soon, however, we are still able to provide backpack training during the winter months.

f. Illinois Youth Survey (IYS): Dr. McCarty reported no new updates at this time. Sam Castro reported that she is working with the Superintendent to track which schools are participating in IYS survey that will be administered to all other Superintendants

VII. Sector Reports & Sharing:
a. Business in the Community: Nothing new to report
b. Civic Volunteer Groups: Nothing new to report
c. College or University: OPEN
d. Faith-Based, Religious or Fraternal Organizations: Sheree Stilwell reported that she continues to facilitate both in-person and Zoom family support groups
e. Healthcare Professionals: Nothing new to report
f. Law Enforcement Agency: Nothing new to report
g. Media: Diane DeVries reported that our media campaign is up and running!
h. Organizations Focusing on Substance Abuse: Nothing new to report
i. Parents: Undersheriff Brian Conser- nothing new to report
j. Schools: OPEN
k. State or Local Government Agencies: Dr. Kathleen Burke reported on the objectives that her staff are working on. Kathleen reported that there have been 79 overdoses total in 2021, 6 in September, as well as 57 reversals. Kathleen reported that there has been 501 hospital admissions, 538 kits of Naloxone were administered in October, and 3,183 kits administered total. Kathleen’s team continues to facilitate Naloxone training and provide naloxone kits to the community, and has recently been putting kits at micro-pantries across the County.
l. Youth: Nothing new to report
m. Youth Serving Organizations: Nothing new to report

VIII. Old Business
a. Courtney, Brittany, Sgt. Platos and other WCSO Deputies are facilitating Too Good for Drugs at Hadley Middle School and have completed 5/10 lessons thus far

IX. New Business & Announcements
a. Gloria Bloodsaw reported that Gateway is having an “Explore Recovery” event on November 29th virtually where individuals can ask any questions regarding the treatment process

X. Adjournment
Sam Castro moved and Chief Dan Jungles seconded that the meeting be adjourned. Motion approved. The meeting was adjourned at 5:05pm.

Next Meetings
• Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition – December 28, 2021 at 4:30 p.m. at the Will County Safety Complex 16911 W. Laraway Road Joliet, IL 60433 and via Zoom
a. Alcohol Subcommittee Meeting—December 28, 2021 at 4:00PM

Minutes submitted by Brittany Gruver