will county substance abuse prevention coalition

 Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (WCSAPC)

September 28, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Approved: October 26, 2021

Members Present: 

In-Person: Sam Castro (11), Donnie Chestnutt (6), Undersheriff Brian Conser (2), Peter Conser (1), Diane DeVries (4), Courtney Garfield (7), Brittany Gruver (7), Chief Dan Jungles (7), Bonnie McPhillips (7), Sheree Stilwell (8), Jeren Szmergalski (7)

Zoom: Aishwarya Balakrishna (10), Gloria Bloodsaw (12), Kathleen Burke (11), Tim Cramer (12), Caitlin Daly (10), Brian Delli (3), Dan Hamilton (10), Dr. William McCarty (13), Kaylaa McGinnis (12)

I. Call to Order/Welcome

Kaylaa McGinnis called the September 2021 meeting of the Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition to order at 4:35 PM.

II. Pledge of Allegiance

Kaylaa McGinnis led the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

III. Introductions

Coalition President Kaylaa McGinnis welcomed members and introductions were made on Zoom and in-person.

IV. Officer Reports

a. Treasurer – Bonnie McGinnis presented the August financial report from the United Way. Bonnie reported no changes and current balance is $38,933.00. A motion was made by Sam Castro and seconded by Chief Dan Jungles to approve the report. Motion approved.

b. Secretary – Courtney Garfield asked for approval of the August minutes. A motion was made by Sam Castro and seconded by Diane DeVries to approve the report. Motion approved.

V. WCSAPC Requirements

DFC Grant Report

Courtney Garfield, Coalition Coordinator, completed and submitted the DFC grant report at the beginning of the month. The end of the year three is approaching on September 30, 2021 and we are heading into year four of the grant.

VI. Subcommittee/Action Team Reports

    1. Alcohol: Brittany Gruver reported that alcohol subcommittee meeting continues to meet from 3:30-4:30PM before the Coalition meeting on a monthly basis. Dr. McCarty sent out data to continue to help drive the subcommittee. Alcohol subcommittee will be sending out letters to the retailers who passed their latest alcohol and nicotine compliance checks. These letters not only congratulate the retailer for following correct identification protocol but also provide information on the coalition and how to get involved.
    2. Marijuana—Courtney Garfield reported that the clings have arrived and will be dropped off to each of the 4 Will County dispensaries next week.
    3. Nicotine – Caitlin Daly reported that the nicotine subcommittee met on 9/23, which is a new time for this subcommittee. Caitlin reported that the subcommittee is continue to gather materials for the “tool kit” that will be provided to retailers in regards to the e-cigarette restrictions. The next subcommittee meeting will be on October 21 at 1:30 via ZOOM.
    4. Social Media—Courtney Garfield reported that the Coalition now has 251 followers. Our Facebook page has had 5 new likes as well as 22 page views and 212 people reached through posts this month. Courtney discussed the calendar that Jackie VanOvermeiren has created for October which includes an under age drinking campaign, child health day, world mental health day, and family fun fest in Joliet.
    5. CARE Team—Courtney Garfield reported that the HIPS trailer will be at the following event:
      1. Family Fun Fest, Oct. 16 in Joliet
    6. Illinois Youth Survey (IYS): Dr. McCarty reported that he recently sent data to Brittany Gruver for the alcohol subcommittee. Tim Cramer also reported that it is a new administration year and there was an email sent out to schools regarding participating in the survey. Tim reported that it can be completed between January 4-May 31 and that it takes 1 class period.

VII. Sector Reports & Sharing:

      1. Business in the Community: Brian Delli reported that he submitted a request for the HIPS trailer at the Joliet Family Fun Fest on October 16th. Brian also reported that he has many events coming up in October including Vialife Plasma Centers in Crest Hill ribbon cutting, an open Joliet Chamber of Commerce after hours, as well as the Joliet Family Fun Fest at the Slammer’s ballpark in Joliet. They are in need of more sponsors for tables and food for this event.
      2. Civic Volunteer Groups: United Way – nothing new to report/not present at meeting
      3. College or University: OPEN
      4. Faith-Based, Religious or Fraternal Organizations: Sheree Stilwell reported that she attended The Well Forum in Orland Park and that it was successful. Sheree also stated that she will be attending the Hero Helps event coming up in Romeoville on October 15.
      5. Healthcare Professionals: Jen Hahs – nothing new to report/not present at meeting
      6. Law Enforcement Agency: Lockport PD – Jeren Szmergalski reported that her and her partner, Officer Kevin Brauch, started teaching Too Good for Drugs. They are teaching 1st, 5th, 6th, and 7th
      7. Media: Diane DeVries- nothing new to report
      8. Organizations Focusing on Substance Abuse: Tim Cramer reported that an underage drinking campaign is starting in Joliet West and Joliet Central high schools. Tim also reported that he is hoping to start teaching Too Good for Drugs again in the Joliet schools soon.
      9. Parents: Undersheriff Brian Conser- nothing new to report
      10. Schools: OPEN – Brittany Gruver reported that her and Courtney Garfield met with Brett Marcum from Joliet Township High School District 204 to discuss collaborating with him and this school district. Brittany reported that Brett Marcum was unable to make this meeting however will be in attendance next month.
      11. State or Local Government Agencies: Dr. Kathleen Burke reported that October 15 is the Hero Helps event in Romeoville. She stated that registration is currently very low and if anyone is interested in participating then to contact her for more information. She also reported that there has been 490 Naloxone kits distributed to the community.
      12. Youth: Peter Conser- nothing new to report
      13. Youth Serving Organizations: Donnie Chestnut reported that the YMCA Teen Reach Program has been postponed due to lack of staff. She said they are hiring and if anyone is interested to please reach out. Donnie reported that the Teen Achievers program will begin October 18 and Teen Reach should hopefully begin on November 1.

VII. Oldd Business

    1. Bonnie McPhillips presented the new board slate for this next grant period. President as Caitlin Daly, Vice President as Peter Conser, Treasurer as Loren Yaksich, and Member at Large as Diane DeVries. Bonnie stated that the Secretary position is still open and we need someone for this position as soon as possible.

IX. New Business & Announcements

    1. Caitlin Daly reported that the Will County Health Department has been asked to create a parent presentation for local schools about vaping. Caitlin is requesting for someone in be a part of this panel who has experience in how to discuss this topic with parents. If anyone is able to be a part of this to contact her.
    2. Courtney Garfield reported that we will be starting Too Good for Drugs in Hadley Middle School in Homer Glen starting October 14. Courtney also reported that the Coalition is sending three more people to get trained on this curriculum in October in Boston.
    3. Gloria Bloodsaw reported that there is an open nursing position at Gateway Foundation. She also reported that Gateway is continuing to provide their intensive outpatient programs virtually.

X. Adjournment

Sam Castro moved and Chief Dan Jungles seconded that the meeting be adjourned. Motion approved. The meeting was adjourned at 5:13 pm.

Next Meetings

  • Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition – October 26, 2021 at 4:30 p.m. at the Will County Safety Complex 16911 W. Laraway Road Joliet, IL 60433 and via Zoom
    1. Tobacco Subcommittee Meeting – October 21, 2021 at 1:30 pm via ZOOM
    2. Alcohol Subcommittee Meeting—October 26, 2021 at 3:30 pm
    3. Marijuana Subcommittee Meeting – October 26, 2021 at 3:30 pm

Minutes submitted by Courtney Garfield