will county substance abuse prevention coalition

Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (WCSAPC)

July 27, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Approved: August 24, 2021

Members Present: 

Phil Atteberry (#12), Gloria Bloodsaw (#10), Donnie Chestnutt (#6), Brian Conser (#7), Peter Conser (#1), Tim Cramer (#12), Diane DeVries (#4), Courtney Garfield (#7), Candace Gunby (#12), Jen Hahs (#12), Dan Hamilton (#10), Chief Dan Jungles (#7), Chief Terry Lemming (#7), Cornell Lurry (#3), Dan Martin (#12), William McCarty (#13), Bonnie McPhillips (#7), Caitlin Murray (#10), Sheree Stilwell (#8), and Loren Yaksich (#12)

I. Call to Order/Welcome

Bonnie McPhillips called the July 2021 meeting of the Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition to order at 4:33pm

II. Pledge of Allegiance

Bonnie McPhillips led the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

III. Introductions

Bonnie McPhillips welcomed members and introductions were made on Zoom and in-person. Brittany Gruver was welcomed into her new position as our new Too Good for Drugs Instructor/Education Liaison

IV. Awards

Chief Terry Lemming received two awards for his retirement and dedication to the coalition

V. Officer Reports

    1. Treasurer – Loren Yaksich presented the July financial report from the United Way. A motion was made by Diane DeVries and seconded by Brian Conser to approve the report. Motion approved.
    2. Secretary – Candace Gunby asked for approval of the June minutes. A motion was made by Dan Jungles and seconded by Brian Conser to approve the report. Motion approved.

VI. WCSAPC Requirements

DFC Grant Report

  1. Bonnie McPhillips reported that the CDC site review went well. The annual report and accomplishments were presented. The full report will be sent out to the coalition  when received from the CDC. The coalition is now going into the four year of the grant. Dr. McCarty reported that site reviewer provided good suggestions.

VII. Subcommittee/Action Team Reports

a. Alcohol: Courtney Garfield reported that Brittany Gruver will be taking over as the alcohol subcommittee chair. An alcohol compliance check was conducted this month and four businesses failed. The committee discussed how to better educate those businesses. It was also reported that the alcohol prevention campaign materials provided by Tim Cramer will be implemented more consistently.

b. Marijuana—Chief Terry Lemming reported that Robert Platos will be taking over as the marijuana subcommittee chair. The goals the subcommittee made were based on Dr. McCarty’s research.

      1. Educate adolescents on the dangers of dabbing—the HIPS trailer has a brochure/pamphlet on dabbing that is passed out when at events.
      2. Engage high school students to inform them on the dangers of marijuana—TGFD will be initiated in the Homer Glen and Lockport schools in the fall.
      3. Law enforcement will engage with youth—Aaron Weiner created a webinar for high school students that will be distributed to schools in Joliet and Lockport and the coalition YouTube.
      4. Decrease secondary sale of marijuana—educate dispensaries on the dangers of secondary sales. Create window clings to educate the community. All the dispensaries in the area have agreed to display the window cling. The clings are in the process of being made.

c. Nicotine – Caitlin Murray reported that the postcards were sent out to the tobacco retailers for feedback. Letters sent to municipalities that still has legislation stating 18 year olds can purchase tobacco. The committee is working on a ban of flavored e-cigarettes and other tobacco products. Next meeting. August 23, 2021 11-11:30a.

d. Social Media—Courtney Garfield reported that there has been an increase in social media followers and engagement on Instagram and Facebook. The social media calendar for August has been created but if you have anything you would like posted contact Jackie Van Overmeiren

e. CARE Team— Sgt. Robert Platos reported that the HIPS trailer will be at a few events this month

    1. Lockport Community Unity Celebration: August 7, 2021—12-4pm
    2. Illinois Youth Survey (IYS): No report

Tim Cramer made us aware that IYS 2022 is fast approaching. The recruitment of schools is important to make sure we have accurate data.

VIII. Sector Reports & Sharing:

  1. Business in the Community: Brian Delli—No report
  2. Civic Volunteer Groups: United Way Staff—United Way has a new CEO, Kamala Martinez
  3. College or University: OPEN
  4. Faith-Based, Religious or Fraternal Organizations: Sheree Stilwell—no report
  5. Healthcare Professionals: Jen Hahs—no report
  6. Law Enforcement Agency: Chief Terry Lemming reported that the legislature/bill that was previous discussed that would have decrease the penalty for meth, cocaine, heroin drugs use did not pass.
  7. Media: Diane DeVries—no report
  8. Organizations Focusing on Substance Abuse: Tim Cramer reported about the importance of IYS 2022
  9. Parents: OPEN
  10. Schools: OPEN
  11. State or Local Government Agencies: Dr. Kathleen Burke—no report
  12. Youth: Peter Conser reported on CADCA Virtual Mid-year. Has ideas on how to increase youth involvement. Separate section on the website for youth.
  13. Youth Serving Organizations: YMCA/ Katy LeClair & Donnie Chestnut reported that youth programs will beginning for junior high and high school students.

IX. Old Business

    1. CDC Site Visit Recap—July 21st
    2. Elections—recruit for board members: President and Secretary positions are open for the next fiscal year

X. New Business

      1. Upcoming Events
        1. Drive For Hope: Joe Cairo’s 1st Annual Overdose Awareness Golf Outing
          1. August 14, 2021| 2:00p| Coyote Run Golf Course
          2. $125 per person| Sponsorship opportunities available
        2. Announcements
          1. Cornell Lurry reported advocating for funding in the prevention field
          2. Gloria Bloodsaw reported that Gateway Foundations is now offering Gambling Disorder Treatment

XI. Adjournment

Loren Yaksich moved and Chief Lemming seconded that the meeting be adjourned. Motion approved. The meeting was adjourned at 5:08pm.

Next Meetings

  • Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition – August 24, 2021 at 4:30 p.m. at the Will County Safety Complex 16911 W. Laraway Road Joliet, IL 60433 and via Zoom
    1. Alcohol Subcommittee Meeting—August 24, 2021 at 3:30p
    2. Tobacco Subcommittee Meeting—August 23, 2021 at 11:00a

Minutes submitted by Candace Gunby