We want to thank the community and Coalition members for their generous donations to the Shop with a SWAT event.  The event would not have been as giving without your generosity.  Thank you to the United Way of Will County for donating 57 brand new stuffed animals for each child in the foster homes.

This Sunday is the alternative, socially distanced, SHOP with a SWAT event.  In total, $4,900 of donations were given to support  22 foster children with 12 families. Three bikes were bought and assembled by Sgt. Jeremy Zdinicki. Two tablets, a kitchen (also to be assembled by Sgt. Zdinicki), lots of nerf guns, a Nintendo Switch, clothes, boots, Barbies and lots of other fun stuff. The children will be super surprised!!!

Thank you to Chief Jungles, Lt. Freeman, Lt Boers, and Sgt Zdinicki for all your support in continuing to support this event during this challenging time of COVID. Thank you to Detective Jones who was our transporter and gopher and helped us get everything back to the office safely.

Thank you to brand new social work hire Brittany Gruver who on her first week at the WCSO took the reigns with ordering, reordering, making lists, checking them 500 times, unpacking, folding, and organizing all these beautiful gifts for these worthy kids.

We heard the children are so excited to see the SWAT team and are looking forward to seeing familiar faces from years past.

It was also leaked that Santa and an Elf will be poking their heads through the BEAR door (that is the big truck) waving and saying hello to the kids that day!