will county substance abuse prevention coalition

Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (WCSAPC)
November 17, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Members Present:
Gloria Bloodsaw (#10), Jennifer Casey (#12), Betsy Cozzie (#10), Tim Cramer (#12), Mitch Crandall (#11), Diane DeVries (#4), Candace Gunby (#12), Jennifer Hahs (#12), Dan Hamilton (#10), Cindy Jackson (#10), Chief Dan Jungles (#7), Chief Terry Lemming (#7), Chuck Mascolino (#7), Dr. William McCarty (#13), Kaylaa McGinnis (#10), Bonnie McPhillips (#7), Caitlin Murray (#10), Sgt. Robert Platos (#7), Jackie Van Overmeiren (#7), and Loren Yaksich (#9).

I. Call to Order/Welcome
The President, Kaylaa McGinnis, called the November 2020 meeting of the Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition to order at 4:33pm

II. Pledge of Allegiance
Kaylaa McGinnis led the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

III. Introductions
President McGinnis welcomed members and introductions were made on Zoom.

IV. Officer Reports
a. Treasurer – Loren Yaksich presented the November financial report from the United Way. A motion was made by Diane DeVries and seconded by Chief Jungles to approve the report. Motion approved.
b. Secretary – Candace Gunby asked for approval of the October minutes. A motion was made by Lauren Yaksich and seconded by Betsy Cozzie to approve the report. Motion approved.

V. WCSAPC Requirements
a. DFC Grant Report
i. Bonnie McPhillips reported that the coalition has the ability to send members to the upcoming CADCA conference in February. If anyone is interested, contact Bonnie McPhillips or Chief Dan Jungles. In addition, the board members met to discuss the budget for grant year three to determine how to allocate the grant funds.
ii. Chief Dan Jungles reported that the Community Educator (PT) and Coalition Coordinator (FT) positions are open. If anyone is interested in being considered, contact Chief Dan Jungles and Bonnie McPhillips.

VI. Annual Report
a. Goals and Objectives—President McGinnis reported that the focus of year three of the grant will be sustainability through community outreach and membership growth.
b. Year Two at a Glance—President McGinnis reported on the accomplishments of each subcommittee during year two of the grant.
i. Tobacco Subcommittee—the tobacco subcommittee focused on advocating for Tobacco 21 Legislature, Outdoor Tobacco Free or Smoke Free Parks and Recreation, and making improvements to the tobacco logic model.
1. Dr. McCarty reported that when comparing 2018 and 2020 IYS data, it shows positive trends in tobacco perception of harm.
2. Sgt. Robert Platos reported that the number of tickets given to minors for possession of tobacco or alternative nicotine products has decreased from 2019 to 2020.
ii. Alcohol Subcommittee—the alcohol subcommittee focused on Sticker Shock, Social Hosting Letter to parents and the Postcard Campaign.
1. Kaylaa McGinnis reported that the subcommittee was unable to get the social hosting letter out to parents before the 2020 graduation season, so the letter will be revised and shortened to be distributed by 2021 graduation period.
2. Dr. McCarty reported that the 2020 Postcard Campaign was successful in collaborating with 23 restaurants to distribute over 28,000 postcards on the dangers of underage drinking.
iii. Marijuana Subcommittee—the marijuana subcommittee focused on getting Too Good For Drugs in Lockport area schools.
1. Chief Lemming reported that the transition from the GREAT Program to Too Good For Drugs (TGFD) was determined to be beneficial because TGFD incorporates both behavior and drug education.
2. Dr. McCarty reported that the IYS data revealed that the percentage of youth who perceive marijuana as a moderate or great risk is lower than expected at nearly 50%.
3. Sgt. Robert Platos reported a decrease in possession tickets. It was discussed that this number may not be accurate and that the subcommittee may want to focus on this.
iv. Social Media Action Team—the action team focused on increasing interactions, following, expanding to other social media sites. Jackie Van Overmeiren reported that the first TikTok video will be posted in January. This video will increase HIPS trailer awareness.
v. CARE Team (HIPS Trailer)—the action team focused on increasing CARE member education, creating a mobile backpack version of the trailer, and increasing awareness.
1. Coalition allocated funds to provide educational trainings and updates to the trailer.
2. Kaylaa McGinnis showed some previews of the video and photos that TJ Sopoci took of the trailer and the CARE team.
vi. Media—Diane DeVries reported on the media campaigns that have been done since winter 2019.
1. Radio Vape Campaign (fall/winter)
2. Targeted Digital Display (spring)
3. Snapchat Digital Campaign (summer): the campaign received a great response. Therefore, in grant year three snapchat will be used again.
4. Social Hosting Spring Ad
c. Next Steps
i. Social Media—Kaylaa McGinnis reported that the social media action team will be working to increase interactions across Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, SnapChat, and TiKToK. The action team will work to have monthly topics and focus on the subcommittees initiatives.
ii. Kaylaa McGinnis reported that the website will be updated by DaVolt Consulting to increase user ease and make the site more inviting.

VII. Subcommittee/Action Team Reports—reports provided in annual report
a. Alcohol – Kaylaa McGinnis
b. Marijuana – Terry Lemming
c. Nicotine – Cindy Jackson
d. Social Media— Jackie Van Overmeiren
e. CARE Team— Shannon Wahl
f. Illinois Youth Survey (IYS) — Dr. William McCarty

VIII. Sector Reports & Sharing
a. Business in the Community: Brian Delli; Cornell Lurry
b. Civic Volunteer Groups: United Way Staff—no report
c. College or University: Jennifer Casey-Stewart—no report
d. Faith-Based, Religious or Fraternal Organizations: Sheree Stilwell—no report
e. Healthcare Professionals: Francesca Davis— no report
f. Law Enforcement Agency: Jeren Szmergalski —no report
g. Media: Diane DeVries— no report
h. Organizations Focusing on Substance Abuse: Tim Cramer— no report
i. Parents: Boys & Girls Club— no report
j. Schools: OPEN
k. State or Local Government Agencies: Dr. Kathleen Burke
l. Youth: Boys & Girls Club— no report
m. Youth Serving Organizations: Kahlil Diab; Wardie Sain— no report

IX. Old Business
X. New Business
XI. Updates
a. Gloria Bloodsaw reported that Gateway Foundation has transitioned back to virtual outpatient meetings.

XII. Adjournment
Chief Dan Jungles moved and Chuck Mascolino seconded that the meeting be adjourned. Motion approved. The meeting was adjourned at 5:22 pm.

Next Meetings
• Will County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition – December 22, 2020 at 4:30 p.m. at the Will County Safety Complex 16911 W. Laraway Road Joliet, IL 60433

Minutes submitted by Candace Gunby